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Local Business Listing

What is Local Search Engine Listing?

Building brand awareness is not an easy job, especially for small businesses that often have to compete with larger organizations and multi-location stores. Businesses need to be found online in order to increase their brand consciousness and reach prospective customers, which is why local search engine optimization (SEO) is such an important strategy for all small businesses. Local listing services help small businesses to stay competitive while allowing prospective customers to find exactly what they’re looking for when they are in the market for a particular product or service. There are some benefits and advantages of local listing services for small businesses. Local search is the use of specific Internet search engines that allow users to submit geographically constrained searches against a structured database of localbusiness listings. A search that comprises of location modifier is an explicit local search.

What are the benefits of Local Listing?

Few year ago, local business owners had a set of offline publicity choices, such as paying for Yellow Pages inclusion, promoting in the local newspaper, print marketing in the form of brochures, coupons, postal mail marketing, telemarketing, and local radio/television buys. All of these are still open options in many industries. But while some offline avenues have become elective, Internet marketing is now a necessity for every single local business. If a business can’t be found on the web today, it’s of the same kind to being “nowhere.” Below are the benefits of Local listing:

  • Cost-Effective. One of the many hurdles that small businesses are faced with when it comes to advertising and marketing is budget. It’s not really expensive.

  • Improved Visibility.

  • Improved Organic SEO

No Time to Manage Your Local Listings? No Problem here Salesmotto can help you

Salesmotto offers local listing services that maximizes your business’s online visibility in the most efficient way possible. Our local SEO platform, Smart List, takes the tedious and time-consuming work out of handling your business listings. Smart List puts your business information onto hundreds of databases and online publishers for you, make sure your listing is accurate and consistent to boost your presence in online maps and organic search rankings. With Smart List, you do not have to manually add or update your business listing one-by-one, making this an efficient, cost-effective and realistic solution for local listing management. Salesmotto team can help you in followings step by step ways:

Core Elements: Now, You know what local SEO’s all about, you will probably be wondering how to achieve success in it!! Here we will help you
first, we would recommend you to introduce yourself with the three core elements of local search ranking

  • Proximity: How close is your business to the finder?
  • Relevance: How relevant to the search query about your products and services?
  • Prominence: What does other customers say about your products and services?

Local SEO is a lengthy process. As it is always changing and can take a lot of time and effort to get right. This is the reason why so many SEO agencies and consultantsspecialize in local SEO rather than broader SEO. The rules are very different as you are aiming to achieve different goals and in many cases clients don’t mind if the high visibility of their businesses in local search and business listings directories leads to added direct contact and foot traffic than website visits.

Website localization

Localizing the website means including your city, county or region name throughout your site. For businesses with multiple locations, this would require creating separate pages or Content Hubs for individual locations. Other strategies include getting involved with local community eventsand featuring articles and information about them on the site.

Citation Building

Ensure the website features on citation sites and online business directories. This will not only  help customers to find your business, but featuring your company’s name, address, phone number and website URL (NAPW) on citation sites and adding more information to business directories will help improve your search results in search ranking platforms.

Claiming your Google My Business listing

Claiming your Google My Business pageis an important step towards helping your business display on important Google services, such as local search results and Google Maps. GMB (and its Microsoft equivalent, Bing Places for Business) should always be the first online directory for which you take ownership.

Managing reviews and ratings

Genuine and honest reviews are critical both for showcasing the quality of your service and for sending signals to search engines that your site and service are trusted and useful. The amount of reviews you receive, the overall quality of the reviews and the ability of the review sites themselves are all important factors for local search rankings.

Getting quality, relevant backlinks

Naturally obtained backlinksfrom well-regarded websites help search engines recognize your site as a trusted source of information, statistics and boosts the ‘prominence’ aspect of the local search algorithm. Links/backlinks from top DA websites, local newspapers, bloggers and business associations, as well as citations, can all help improve your search visibility.

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