• Lite

    15000 15000 or 12% of Monthly Spend

    • For Monthly Ads Spend Upto $4000 or Upto INR 200,000
    • Pinterest Ads Account creation & Campaign strategies
    • Pinterest Ads PPC account settings
    • Top keyword research and selection
    • Pinterest Ads PPC bid management
    • Pinterest Ads Landing Page optimization
    • Pinterest Ads campaign conversion tracking
    • Pinterest Ads Account AB Testing
    • Pinterest Ads Creative testing and optimization
    • Pinterest Ads Campaign assessment and recommendations
    • Pinterest Ads PPC ROI tracking
    • Pinterest Ads Conversion Path Analysis
    • Pinterest Ads PPC monthly analysis
    • Pinterest Ads Paid Search Advertising Audit
    • Pinterest Ads Search Analytics Consulting
    • Pinterest Ads AI Digital marketing strategies
  • Standard

    23000 23000 or 10% of Monthly Spend

    • For Monthly Ads Spend Upto Upto $8000 or Upto INR 400,000
    • Pinterest Ads Account creation & Campaign strategies
    • Pinterest Ads PPC account settings
    • Top keyword research and selection
    • Pinterest Ads PPC bid management
    • Pinterest Ads Landing Page optimization
    • Pinterest Ads campaign conversion tracking
    • Pinterest Ads Account AB Testing
    • Pinterest Ads Creative testing and optimization
    • Pinterest Ads Campaign assessment and recommendations
    • Pinterest Ads PPC ROI tracking
    • Pinterest Ads Conversion Path Analysis
    • Pinterest Ads PPC monthly analysis
    • Pinterest Ads Paid Search Advertising Audit
    • Pinterest Ads Search Analytics Consulting
    • Pinterest Ads AI Digital marketing strategies
  • Advanced

    40000 40000 or 8% of Monthly Spend

    • For Monthly Ads Spend Upto $15,000 or Upto INR 1,000,000
    • Pinterest Ads Account creation & Campaign strategies
    • Pinterest Ads PPC account settings
    • Top keyword research and selection
    • Pinterest Ads PPC bid management
    • Pinterest Ads Landing Page optimization
    • Pinterest Ads campaign conversion tracking
    • Pinterest Ads Account AB Testing
    • Pinterest Ads Creative testing and optimization
    • Pinterest Ads Campaign assessment and recommendations
    • Pinterest Ads PPC ROI tracking
    • Pinterest Ads Conversion Path Analysis
    • Pinterest Ads PPC monthly analysis
    • Pinterest Ads Paid Search Advertising Audit
    • Pinterest Ads Search Analytics Consulting
    • Pinterest Ads AI Digital marketing strategies

Pinterest Pay-Per-Click | Paid Advertisement by Salesmotto

#1 Platform for best ideas Online

Pinterest Advertisement by Salesmotto

Pinterest Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the powerful methods for reaching target audience in the exact same time they are trying to find the services or products you're promoting. Pinterest Ads helps place your advertisements in front of possible clients. In Pinterest Ads you just pay when a user clicks on your ads.

Salesmotto team wills Boost Your Pinterest Advertising Performance Guaranteed or No Pay show for us.

Salesmotto Pay-Per-Click services Drive the Ideal Traffic to Your Site for More Conversions and Boost your company ROI. Improve your sales traffic with exceptionally effective advertising effort.

We know digital advertisement is complicated. Our accredited experts are here to help you in making a successful digital marketing plan. We'll start your advertisement campaign in just as little as 3 days.

Benefits of Pinterest Ads to Grow Your Business Online

Why advertise on Pinterest?

Pinterest advertisements help you to reach individuals as they decide what to do or purchase next. Since individuals use Pinterest to discover fresh thoughts, they are eager to find out more about your products and brand. Pick from Pinterest assortment of advertising options to align with your business objectives, target market and innovative demands.

Marketing solutions

Create advertisements by promoting your Pins

Pinterest Advertisements help you reach individuals while they knowingly make a decision as to what to do or purchase next. Pinterest advertisements are a part of the native expertise and seem like routine Pins; just you pay to get them viewed by more people. You can Pick out of multiple Pinterest Advertising to align with your company goals

Ads which feel and look natural

Promoted Pins do not disrupt or divert Pinners. They really make Pinterest better, since they help individuals locate new products and ideas. In reality, 73 percent of Pinners state that articles/content from brands makes Pinterest more useful.

Reach A responsive audience

Promoting Your Pins gets your brand in front of large Pinterest  audience. Since individuals use Pinterest to shop and plan, they are eager to see your goods and ideas. They are also prepared to act: 61 percent of Pinners have made a purchase after viewing company presence on Pinterest.

Continued performance

On Pinterest, advertisements are so helpful that people really save them to revisit in the future. Whenever someone saves your Promoted Pin, their Pinterest followers may even see your advertisement within their feeds. This offers you gained media on Pinterest, and extra earnings as more people discover your own brand.

Drive thought

Move People across the purchase journey

With Pinterest, it is possible to reach people in the seconds that most affect their decisions, and produce effective advertisements that inspire them to take action.


Boost Your traffic

Pinterest offers a unique format designed for delivering high-quality visits to your website: One-tap Promoted Pins are a simple way to increase high-quality visits to your website, where Pinners can learn more about your offerings or complete a purchase.

Build awareness

Pinterest Helps you reach individuals while they decide what to purchase or perform next. Get your message in front of the appropriate people, and help them make certain decisions

Pinterest provide successful advertising and marketing alternatives for awareness campaigns and product launches. You may pick out of Promoted Pins, or Promoted Video

Encourage Website activities

Promoted Pins will help you generate leads and other valuable activities on your website.


Drive app installs

Promoted App Pins send Downloads from trustworthy Pinners prepared to take advantage of your Application by making it simple for them to set up your App straight from Pinterest.


Boost your Revenue

Pinterest is the hottest platform for purchasing and merchandise discovery. This makes it an excellent spot to conduct sales campaigns, for both offline and online revenue expansion.

Any Company may set up campaigns to push online sales for a website, or offline revenue for physical shops. Some companies may run shopping campaigns, which draw straight from a product feed to make actionable advertisements, at scale.

Why Outsource Your Pinterest Advertisement Campaign Management to Salesmotto?

We're a Pinterest Premium Partner and our Account Managers are Pinterest Ads certified. Our team knows how to generate leads and revenue for both B2B and B2C organizations.

Whether you are intending to begin using Advertisement or believe your existing campaigns aren't enough optimized to create desirable revenue, your company could probably benefit from our outsourced Pay Per Click campaign management.

In case your Pay Per Click campaigns are not set up strategically according to your industry benchmarking, you might be paying far more than the competition.

To be able to find the very best return on your investment, it is important to keep ahead of the game with comprehensive strategies, techniques and tools. In case your Pay Per Click campaigns aren't optimized frequently, you might be missing out on business and wasting your hard earned cash.


Benefits of Outsourcing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management to Salesmotto

  • Increase conversions
  • Improve your Return-On-Investment
  • Connect with the right customers
  • 100% data security
  • We ensure data integrity
  • We Integrate your PPC strategies with your digital marketing plan

How to utilize Pinterest advertisements platform to grow your brand

Promoted Pins

This is Pinterest's fundamental advertisement Structure, and it appears like regular Pins. Any company account using an active charging profile may use this structure to support marketing goals including awareness, traffic and engagement.


Promoted Carousels

Promoted Carousels Include numerous pictures for Pinners to swipe. Utilize up to five pictures to tell a deeper storyline for your product or new brand.


Bring your brand to life

Pinterest's innovative Advertisement formats help people find helpful, relevant thoughts. You are able to satisfy a selection of business objectives based on the format you select, and the way you set up your campaign.


Promoted App Pins

Promoted App Pins make it simple for individuals to find and download application, right from Pinterest. Whenever someone clicks on a Promoted App Pin, they could download your new app without leaving Pinterest.


Promoted Video Pins

Promoted Video Pins Help you capture people's attention while they are searching or browsing on Pinterest. Fantastic videos inspire individuals to try new things, and engage their creativity.

How we work

Stage 1: - communication between you and Salesmotto sales manager

Stage 2: - We assign a dedicated account manager to handle your Pinterest Advertisement

Stage 3: - Assigned Account manager generates your Pinterest Advertising account as well as loopholes effort plans. After finishing draft campaigns, assigned Account manager submits it to Salesmotto management team for review. After reviewed and finalized, final draft campaigns will likely to be discussed together with you for your inspection and acceptance.

Stage 4: - We utilize best-in-class tools to find top keywords/pins suit your product/service requirements.

Stage 5: - With the support of our SEM tools, we examine your best competitor data and finalize the ideal bidding for key words/phrase chosen for auction.

Stage 6: - Account Manager will construct Campaign, Adgroups, Customized Advertising, and Advertisement extension. Proper designing of these four are extremely vital in success of Digital Advertisement. A little mistake here will be a big loss to your marketing efforts.

Stage 7:- Account Manage will examine your target market and select location and demography to show your advertisement.

Stage 8: - Our Account Manage will benchmark your business standards and propose one of the best landing page and landing page optimization plans

Stage 9:- We'll integrate conversation monitoring code with Your Site

Stage 10:- To Boost your accounts functionality, We'll execute A/B testing, ads creative analyzing & Campaign evaluation

Stage 11:- To keep track of account activities, we'll execute Pay Per Click ROI Tracking, execute Conversion Path Evaluation, and Pay Per Click Weekly & Monthly evaluation reports.

Stage 12: - Our accounts manager will also execute your yearly Adword account audit in order to execute AI digital advertising strategies for your business.

Stage 13: We will provide you free consulting on whatever you inquire about Pinterest Advertisements

Pinterest Advertisement and its Benefits on Brand Development?

Benefits of using Pinterest

    Increased awareness

    Extra website traffic

    Brand New leads

    Increased revenues

Many Companies are cautious about using Pinterest for business, but you will be amazed to know the recent functionalities in Pinterest. There are lots of positive reasons which you should to be using this social media network for your business.

Why Pinterest is an excellent choice for your businesses. It can allow you to present your content & blogs to a completely new audience. 1 pin can result in ten hooks, which may result in another ten pins and so on.

Here are a few of the frequent misconceptions regarding Pinterest:

  • Just women are around Pinterest
  • Individuals simply pin food and marriage content (traveling, clothes, home decor are large also)
  • My target market is not on Pinterest
  • I do not have time for one more social networking

You will likely be amazed to find out:

  • Pinterest is among the top website traffic drivers in the world
  • The fame of Pinterest crosses multiple generations
  • In 2012, many marketers believed Pinterest among the fastest growing websites ever
  • Pinterest is 80 percent more viral and 3x more capable of generating prospects than Twitter

Top 7 reasons why you should start using Pinterest to promote your business

User participation is absurdly large on Pinterest.

Users on Pinterest share things in small groups with similar interest. This is excellent for your company to connect with potential customers with comfort.


Pinterest converts more browsers into buyers.

Pinterest Helps to decrease the amount of visitors efforts from discovery to conversion, which makes it simpler for individuals to approach straight to the source. Visitors from Pinterest are more likely to convert into sales!

Pinterest is a large, visual search engine. people often turn to it while doing research and planning. We also turn to Pinterest for inspiration.


Discover exactly what your audience enjoys.

One of The gorgeous things that you can do using Pinterest can use it to check out what's trending right now. Follow anybody who follows you to find out what motivates him/her. Pinterest provides you the chance to view and comprehend what is hot now and utilize that information to place your supplies and products.


Pinterest Pins helps you generate more inbound links.

Since every pin comprises a connection, making it effortless to direct it back into the origin of the image/picture. Just think of the number of visitors it is possible to bring to your site by posting pictures of your products on Pinterest.


Increase organic traffic significantly  

Through Pinterest, advertisers get 20 percent more clicks in the month after a Promoted Pin launch because of sharing.


Pinterest Drives Website visitors

Pinterest is a superb tool to help increase backlinks to your webpage, which, in turn, drives more visitors. It's more capable of directing traffic back to your site over any other social networking source.


Match with influencers and other content creators

Recently Pinterest established a brand new self sustaining tool for businesses to connect with influencers and other content creators. From begin to finish, all communication occurs on the Pinterest platform.


Pinterest advertisement targeting capacity

Keyword targeting

Reach people prepared to act on what they see using Promoted Pins targeted to show up in search results and related Pins. More than 40 percent of clicks Pinterest come in search results and associated Pins. Keyword targeting aids increase in-store revenue, increase traffic and drive online activities by promoting your products to individuals prepared to buy.


Interest targeting

Pinterest helps you to Promoted Pins in front of individuals according to what they enjoy


Design relevant advertising campaigns

Targeting generates a unique chance for your company to get to the huge numbers of men and women that visit Pinterest daily.


.Tracking and validation

Track and validate any change within your Pinterest account management


Measure Campaign results

You can use Pinterest tools to Measure campaign effectiveness..

Why Salesmotto

Dedicated Account Manager


Creative Process with Guaranteed Results


Highly Competitive Costing


Excellent 24X7 Customer Support & Performance Tracking for better Productivity 


Strategies tailored around your business needs 


Hit the bulls` eye with focused targeting


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed





SEO Tools we use


Request a Callback

No unwanted emails | No spam, salesmotto use security methods to protect your personal data from unauthorized access.

faq FAQ`s

Google warns to stay away from companies claiming to guarantee rankings. Any company that claims they can is being dishonest, as Google's algorithm varies often. We can't guarantee high rankings, we've got an established history of delivering results for our customers. Read our case studies to find out how we've really been a valuable partner to numerous successful companies.

To make sure we're providing our customers the highest quality of all SEO support and appropriate supervision, all workers are located in our corporate headquarters. You're paying for the experts, so you deserve to get them overseeing your campaign.

Ordinarily no structural or layout changes need to be created to correctly optimize your site. The majority of the work we do is in the content or code of every page. Typically, most customers decide to have our employees create the modifications. However, we can also offer clear directives in the event that you would prefer implementing internally.

We utilize many different tools to analyze key words across all business types. For every individual search term, we seem to ascertain the search volume, relevancy to the customer's company, the chances that they'll result in earnings, in addition to the validity of the key word. Our staff handpicks each keyword based on our view it will give rise to a successful effort.

Yes. Ecommerce sites have their own distinctive set of challenges, but our recognized techniques produce powerful results time and again. In addition, we have worked with many different shopping cart platforms like Magento, Shopify, and Big Commerce to name a couple.

We're servicing companies which are targeting the United States, Asia, Europe & Australia.

We use a strong set of proprietary search engine optimization tools in addition to some third-party programs to offer every benefit to our customers.

SEO is a marketing approach to boost search rankings, for bringing organic traffic. This approach traditionally has a considerably greater ROI with time compared with Paid Search. The advantage of PPC is that you could begin realizing traffic and earnings much earlier. SEO and PPC are equally vital online advertising strategies for just about any enterprise. If you are not certain what is ideal for you, ask for a free consultation. Our Consultants can help you build a plan which will fulfill your requirements.

At salesmotto, we're dedicated to provide our solutions to both entrepreneurs and companies with a very cost-effective price. We think that a client is always right and also the interest of any business action needs to serve the client with extreme loyalty. Our services have SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for on-time service delivery and also money back guarantee to guarantee ensure high of customer satisfaction.

At salesmotto our valued clients are constantly kept in the loop so far as service delivery deadline is concerned and we notify our clients whenever a milestone is accomplished during every phase of service request processing. But we also feel that we may come across  a client who isn't happy with our attempts. For this we have an extremely responsive Client Care Department that work 24x7 to attend and resolve customer complaints. In addition, we carry a money-back guarantee for all those, who need their service fees to be reimbursed.

In salesmottoWe believe it's our obligation to safeguard our customer information from unauthorized access. We've put systems and procedures in place to ensure the consumer information is secure with us throughout its storage and move between in house and third party servers. We always examine our systems and procedures for safety violation and vulnerabilities are identified and fixed at a normal basis. .

When a client is unsatisfied with the service we provided and when he sees our customer support helpline and files a formal complaint within 15 days of support shipping date, then salesmotto would refund the whole or partial number of specialist Fee billed for that specific service.

If a client is having difficulties using all our service delivery process, he's different choices offered at his disposal to enroll his grievance with us. He could either email his criticism at or else he could call our 24x7 Client Care Helpline. Additionally, any client is welcome to see our office to submit a complaint with the senior administration

A customer can buy our services directly from our online platform, for which he need to make online payment. Once he clicks on "Apply Now", a new window will open, a customer is required to submit the information in the respective fields and click "Make Payment". A unique ticket number will be auto generated, the customer need to quote this number as reference for any enquiry regarding his service request.

Each of the financial transactions performed on salesmotto online platform are secured using SSL System Protocol. We encrypt the client details like credit card and bank account, before those are sent everywhere. We adhere to PCI DSS for data protection criteria for payment processing.

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