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Reasons To Use Tumblr Social Media Marketing Services For Your Business

Tumblr is a New York-based internet platform, part microblog, part social network, which was created by internet designers David Karp and Marco Arment and launched in 2007. Because of the company's almost instant success and popularity, it was acquired by technology giant Yahoo! Inc. in June 2013 for the amount of 1.1 billion U.S. dollars. Tumblr platform had actually gone beyond 345 million registered accounts. Since the very same duration, the website had virtually 738 million unique visitors worldwide. The USA represented majority of visits to the social media platform. Currently, Tumblr individuals have actually produced over 148 billion posts on the platform.

If you have not started yet, you require to be taking a look at exactly how to properly add Tumblr to your advertising and marketing initiatives. This guide will certainly show you where to start, exactly how to expand your efforts and even how to monetize your Tumblr.

Just how does Tumblr work?

Tumblr is a microblogging platform. This means that customers can publish message, pictures, videos, and also various other content to a short-form blog. They can follow other users and see updates in an information feed very same like other social systems. Microblogging has gotten fame over the last few years, as individuals do not want to manage the inconvenience of setting up a blog site and after that locating method to promote it. Instead of sharing web links to blog posts on other sites, users' articles and posts are immediately revealed to their followers. If somebody want to utilize it for marketing functions, they require to put in some work to make certain that individuals can really locate it. That's where SEO for Tumblr ends up being truly important.

Tumblr Demographic and audience

One more point to remember is that Tumblr has the youngest audience of all social platforms, with 70% of its individuals between the ages of 16 and also 34. This is an exciting fact for brand names attempting to reach a younger group, yet it additionally indicates that not every business stands to gain from developing a Tumblr account. If you are not attempting to market to young customers, you may be much better off spending your time and sources right into more diverse system like Facebook or Twitter.

This young market additionally demands a slightly various method than various other social systems. You will likely need to generate completely different content to be effective; however the extra initiative can be worth it. ranked #1 in social sentiment towards brands, so if you have the ability to locate an efficient way to interact with its users, it can be a fantastic way to build brand name commitment.

Salesmotto Tumblr Social Media Marketing Services Includes

Creating Strategic Plan For Tumblr

Our Tumblr experts will create digital marketing plan for your business on how to go ahead and utilize Tumblr platform for lead generation.

Creating Tumblr Business Account

After the advertising and marketing strategy, our following action is to create an amazing Tumblr business account.

Creating SEO Friendly Tumblr Content

One of the most awful errors that one can make when using Tumblr is to treat it like a marketing disposing ground. Our strategy would be to  create unique & SEO friendly content for your Tumblr account to engage your customers/followers.

Focus On Tight Niche Per Your Business Requirements

Humor seems to function really well on Tumblr, particularly if you can share web content that is narrow.

Create Viral Tumblr Posts

Posting on Tumblr is quite tricky. It's everything about crafting wonderful content and then sharing it with target user.

Generate More Followers By Dominating Tumblr Search

Tumblr Search is a fantastic way to discover great content. As the title tag announces ... it will make boredom go away. We can make use of Tumblr search to raise your followers

Posting Tumblr Content at the Right Time

We know when to click user’s nerve.

Salesmotto Complete Solution to Tumblr Paid Advertisement.

Be it Tumblr paid advertisement or Google ads or facebook ads, we have strong domain knowledge on paid advertisement. We assured you to increase your current leads frequency by more than 120%. Our Tumblr paid advertisement include - Sponsored blog posts Ads - Sponsored video Ads: and  Sponsored day Ads.


Advertising Trending Topics

As on various other social networks platforms, the trending topics page has plenty of suggestions. Tumblr's trending page showcases one of the most preferred blog posts, blogs and topics. We take note of what's doing well on the platform and also discover ways to make these topics work for your company.

Cater To The Tumblr Community

Tumblr customers are very community-oriented. To market this community of young users, its mandatory to do greater than simply share relevant posts. Our Tumblr experts use proper hashtag, Keywords & phrases to target wide range of potential customers.

Advantages of Using Salesmotto Tumblr Social Media Marketing Services

Apart from the fact that it can permit you to reach a young demographic, Tumblr has the benefit for marketers of dofollow links. If you are unaware with the term, it means that links from Tumblr carry SEO value which isn’t the case for many social sites. Social media platforms like, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter automatically make all of their links nofollow. This means that while they look and function like regular links to users, they do not have any effect on your search engine rankings.

This means that redistribution links to your site on Tumblr can potentially boost your rankings in search engines. And that is not the only thing, also users can re-blog,  posts, or post them to their own page, which means you can have dofollow links on a variety of Tumblr blogs. This can lead to a great deal of coverage for your website.

How Sales motto can help you?

SEO for Tumblr

Tumblr’s dofollow links do offers a unique benefit; this feature is not available in any of the built in tools for on-page SEO like Wordpress and other popular platforms. This means that you’ll have to do a little bit more of the work on your own.

Title Tags

Much like a regular web page, each post you make on Tumblr has a separate title tag. By default, it will generally just be the first few words of your post. In order to increase the chances of your posts and Tumblr being found in search engines, customize these title tags much like you do on your regular site, else we will help you.

Custom URL's

The default URLs for your Tumblr posts will be long strings of numbers, which is not ideal for SEO. By clicking the gear-shaped icon in the top right of the post creator, you can generate a custom URL for each individual post. Format these much like you would on your steady site as a best practice.

Tumblr Reblogs
Tumblr’s links are dofollow, even on other users’ blogs. Because of this, it will benefit you to have as many people as possible reblog your posts and share them with their own followers.

The best way to do this is to spend some time getting to know your audience. This will make it much easy to meet their preferences and make them want to share your content with their friends and followers.

As you work on your company’s Tumblr blog, there are a many other considerations to keep in mind. Although these won’t necessarily directly impact your SEO, they will certainly be useful in building a following. This can result in more reblogs, which will uplift your SEO ranking.

Use Hastags

It’s easy to get top rank in Tumblr search result if you have a unique content with proper tag on your posts.

Keep it Simple

Don’t go overboard with SEO on Tumblr. This might sound strange coming from a page written entirely about optimizing on the platform, but keep in mind that it should be used to connect with users and generate brand awareness. While it can be useful in attracting new customers, you won’t do yourself any favors by focusing solely on keywords and tags.

Instead, focus on providing interesting and useful content. This is more in line with Tumblr’s style, and will help you build a following.

Are you ready to start an SEO campaign for your Tumblr Business Account?

Even though Tumblr is very diverse from other platforms and will take some time to getting used to it. This platform is full of young demographic and dofollow links deliver unique value to marketers and with proper SEO techniques for your Tumblr business account, you can attract new customers and clients.

If you’re thinking of starting a Tumblr for your company, or already have one and just need help optimizing it for search engines, feel free to contact us! Our talented team can help you start using the platform to generate brand awareness and reach an entirely new audience today.

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