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What is Website Taxonomy?

There's a lot of content on your company's website or intranet, however how do your web site visitors or intranet customers discover the information that they need? They might select to search around the site by means of navigational links, or they could rather pick to utilize the website internet search engine. In any case, how very easy is it for them to locate what they are searching for?

A taxonomy arranges the relationship between content assets, and also metadata describes the assets behind the scenes. Ideally, taxonomy and also metadata need to be established prior to authoring content, and it's finest to pick a CMS that allows web content owners to do both easily. Taxonomy and metadata can additionally be put on material properties after they are already in a CMS through content design as well as content enrichment.


The taxonomy as well as metadata design will certainly enable owners to set up as well as present web content in any variety of methods automatically, both on systems they control, and those they do not. Web content developers like it, given that the clearly defined structure will offer their content much more life as well as durability, and also web content strategists are able to disperse their content to even more networks with better simplicity.


Site taxonomy and metadata are the essential electric circuitry that makes web content adaptable, personalized, as well as very easy to distribute, providing enriched content power over other static and inflexible content which can only get to a minimal audience. Taxonomy as well as metadata are both required to assist content contend and execute better in the swiftly expanding, ever-more-intelligent digital ecological community.

Why Salesmotto for Website taxonomy Services

We will audit your website for taxonomy related issues.

We will thoroughly study your website Meta title, Meta tags, and Meta description

We will benchmark you website taxonomy per industry standards

Our expert team will consult you on how to design your website taxonomy

Our team will consult you on how to design your information Pages, Category Pages, Product/Service Pages, and Blog/News Pages

Types of Taxonomy

One pervasive mistaken belief about taxonomies is that they constantly have a hierarchical structure. Though many sites can have a clear hierarchical framework, a strict pecking order could not be the very best means to organize as well as classify web content. Since designs frequently vary from each other.

When usability professionals as well as data engineers conduct card-sort examinations, they find out the various manners in which individuals arrange and label content. The taxonomy may be flat, as we frequently observe on smaller sized sites and part of bigger internet sites.

The taxonomy may consist of both categories and also facets, as we might observe on a big e-commerce site. As a kind of mistake prevention and handling, cross references could be a part of the resulting website navigating.

To make content findable using all means (searching, browsing, asking), it's essential to produce and also maintain a clear taxonomy. The 4 kinds of internet site taxonomies are: flat, hierarchical, network and faceted.

Flat Taxonomy

A flat taxonomy, likewise referred to as an unlayered taxonomy, is simply a checklist of items. A flat taxonomy has only high-level categories. In a flat taxonomy, the items are weighted equally, though on a website, it is common to place the most vital item first on the listing.

Small sites can have a flat taxonomy as well as be user friendly.

Nevertheless, we do not advise placing all content on a single web page, as we commonly observe on some responsively made internet sites. To communicate content to both customers as well as technology (such as search engines), it is best to split content right into separate web pages.

For instance, the About US web page ought to communicate information regarding your company or firm. The Contact Us web page must reveal users exactly how to connect with your firm-- both online and offline. Each page needs to have unique as well as detailed titles, headlines, web content and metadata.

Hierarchical Taxonomy

A hierarchical taxonomy is a hierarchical arrangement of categories within the interface of a website or intranet. It is often represented as a tree or a flowchart

Specific items within the hierarchy are set up in order of significance or condition. Moving up the hierarchy means broadening the classification or concept. Relocating down the hierarchy means fine-tuning the category or idea.

Network Taxonomy

Network taxonomy organizes content into both hierarchical and also associative categories. Categories can be linked to any type of various other categories. And relationships among items can have different significances, including semantic ones.

Facet Taxonomy

A Facet taxonomy permits an item to be appointed to numerous taxonomies (collections of attributes), making it possible for the classification to be ordered in multiple methods, as opposed to in a solitary, fixed order (as in strict hierarchy).

Let’s simplify this interpretation a bit by using an example for Suppose you intend to get a pair of walking shoes on the Amazon website. The different facets (sets of attributes) for Male's shoes are:

- Dimension.

- Width.

- Efficiency

- Brand name.

- Color.

- Cost.

- Features

- Insole.

- Weight.

So think of, in listed below figure that Men’s Shoes remains in the center of the representation, and all of these facets are ways that you can narrow down the type of footwear you desire to purchase.

We can even place Women's Footwear in the center of the diagram, as these characteristics are applicable to Women's footwear along with Men’s shoes. That is the idea behind a facet taxonomy. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach to arranging web content. A facet taxonomy permits individuals to situate and find content based on the aspects that are important to them.

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