• Lite

    15000 15000 or 12% of Monthly Spend

    • For Monthly Ads Spend Upto $4000 or Upto INR 200,000
    • Youtube Ads Account creation & Campaign strategies
    • Youtube Ads PPC account settings
    • Top keyword research and selection
    • Youtube Ads PPC bid management
    • Youtube Ads Landing Page optimization
    • Youtube Ads campaign conversion tracking
    • Youtube Ads Account AB Testing
    • Youtube Ads Creative testing and optimization
    • Youtube Ads Campaign assessment and recommendations
    •  Youtube Ads PPC ROI tracking
    • Youtube Ads Conversion Path Analysis
    • Youtube Ads PPC monthly analysis
    • Youtube Ads Paid Search Advertising Audit
    • Youtube Ads  Search Analytics Consulting
    • Youtube Ads AI Digital marketing strategies
  • Standard

    230000 23000 or 10% of Monthly Spend

    • For Monthly Ads Spend Upto Upto $8000 or Upto INR 400,000
    • Youtube Ads Account creation & Campaign strategies
    • Youtube Ads PPC account settings
    • Top keyword research and selection
    • Youtube Ads PPC bid management
    • Youtube Ads Landing Page optimization
    • Youtube Ads campaign conversion tracking
    • Youtube Ads Account AB Testing
    • Youtube Ads Creative testing and optimization
    • Youtube Ads Campaign assessment and recommendations
    •  Youtube Ads PPC ROI tracking
    • Youtube Ads Conversion Path Analysis
    • Youtube Ads PPC monthly analysis
    • Youtube Ads Paid Search Advertising Audit
    • Youtube Ads  Search Analytics Consulting
    • Youtube Ads AI Digital marketing strategies
  • Advanced

    40000 40000 or 8% of Monthly Spend

    • For Monthly Ads Spend Upto $15,000 or Upto INR 1,000,000
    • Youtube Ads Account creation & Campaign strategies
    • Youtube Ads PPC account settings
    • Top keyword research and selection
    • Youtube Ads PPC bid management
    • Youtube Ads Landing Page optimization
    • Youtube Ads campaign conversion tracking
    • Youtube Ads Account AB Testing
    • Youtube Ads Creative testing and optimization
    • Youtube Ads Campaign assessment and recommendations
    •  Youtube Ads PPC ROI tracking
    • Youtube Ads Conversion Path Analysis
    • Youtube Ads PPC monthly analysis
    • Youtube Ads Paid Search Advertising Audit
    • Youtube Ads  Search Analytics Consulting
    • Youtube Ads AI Digital marketing strategies

Youtube Ads Pay-Per-click Advertisement by Salesmotto

Youtube Ads/ Youtube Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement

Youtube Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the effective ways of reaching target audience at exactly the same time they are searching for the products or services you are offering. Youtube Ads helps put your ads in front of potential customers. In Youtube Ads you only pay when a user clicks on your ads.

Salesmotto team will Increase Your Youtube Ads Performance Guaranteed or No Pay show for us.

Salesmotto PPC services, Drive the Right Traffic to Your Website for More Conversions and Increase ROI. Increase your web traffic & sales with highly effective advertising campaign.

We know digital advertising is complex. Our certified experts are here to support you in creating a successful digital marketing strategy. We will launch your ad campaign in as little as 3 Days.


What's New With YouTube Marketing?

In January 2017, Google announced it would certainly make adjustments to AdWords to permit advertisers to reach more customers on YouTube-- particularly throughout mobile phones, where 50% of YouTube views occur. Among the adjustments it presented, perhaps the largest news was that advertisers will certainly quickly have the ability to target audiences based upon their Google search history, along with their video watching actions YouTube was currently targeting.

Keywords are fairly less costly to target on YouTube than in traditional Google search network: Views cost an average of $0.06 per click on YouTube, compared to the typical Google search & display engine price per click, which is approximated to be between $1-2. When YouTube targeting includes search background, it may be an extra affordable way to target your target market with a more engaging form of content-- video clip.

Benefits of Youtube Ads for small business owners


Reach Reach your customers, how much ever distance they are in just one click. YouTube has 1.3 billion customers-- virtually one-third of all people on the Internet-- and users watch nearly 5 billion video clips daily. These numbers are only anticipated to keep increasing year over year. Due to this, YouTube gives a terrific chance for your message to get to countless individuals that all have the possibility of becoming possible consumers.



With YouTube advertisements, there are lots of targeting alternatives for you to select from. These include:

Subject-- the subject of the YouTube video content

Demographics-- age as well as gender

Key words-- certain keywords relevant to ad

Placements-- particular YouTube web pages appropriate to advertisement

Classification-- user interest

You can additionally leave out classifications, search phrases, and also web content to prevent organization with videos that you don't want.



In contrast to other social media channels, YouTube's users have a tendency to invest even more time on the platform. This is terrific for small company aiming to drive even more attention to their advertisements. On mobile especially, YouTube reports the typical average session time is more than 40 minutes.



Wondering how much running a YouTube ad is going to set you back? With YouTube advertising and marketing you pay per video sight. So how much does marketing on YouTube price? A regular video ad runs between $0.10 as well as $0.30 per view, depending upon your video top quality, your targeting, and your total goal.

When seeing a YouTube video clip have you ever seen that button that states "Skip Advertisement"? If so, you could be worried that you're mostly likely to spend for a display when the customer really did not in fact see your entire ad. However that's not the case-- YouTube does not bill an advertiser for the initial five secs. Audiences have the alternative to view an advertisement otherwise the placement is free.



Advertising on YouTube is more measurable than tv advertising. How? You can track the video clip's success electronically by utilizing clicks as well as you can ask your client service representatives to ask where the consumer come across your services or product. YouTube allows you to see when someone left from watching your video along with when people viewed the video more frequently through YouTube's Analytics.


Benefits of Youtube Ads to Grow Your Business Online

Re: Sight: Would like to know which video clips are trending regular on YouTube? This site and also e-mail newsletter make it very easy.

Ads Leader-board: The YouTube Ads Leader-board showcases a fresh set of leading advertisements each month, celebrating brand advertising and marketing people choose to see.

YouTube Insights: Study on Youtube data to recognize what works in YouTube advertising and marketing and also get a unique look at how various other brand names are capitalizing.

Rewind: YouTube Ads Rewind shares the most-watched ads of the year plus suggestions as well as understandings for other brand marketers.

Understand just how your brand name can promote on YouTube:

TrueView: is built on the promise that you'll only pay when someone chooses to watch your video ad.

Google Preferred: Google Preferred accumulations YouTube's top content, like Ryan Toyreview, right into easy-to-buy bundles for brand name advertisers.

YouTube Masthead: Earn fast, mass reach with YouTube's most famous property.

Measure what matters with YouTube's measurement solutions: YouTube transformed the way individuals consume video clip, presenting a different sort of video clip experience for both customers and marketers. Currently, we've changed the way you can gauge just how your marketing is doing.

Brand Lift: Google's Brand name Lift solution measures the minutes that matter-- from first perception to final conversion-- with the metrics that matter like brand name understanding, ad recall, as well as consideration. You'll amass understandings within an issue of a few days, so you can readjust your YouTube projects according to what's is operating in actual time.


Why Outsource Your Youtube Ads PPC Campaign Management to Salesmotto?

We are a Google Premium Partner and all our Account Managers are Youtube Ads certified. Our team knows how to generate leads and sales for B2B and B2C businesses.
Whether you’re planning to start with Adwords or feel that your current campaigns are not enough optimized to generate desired revenue, your business could most likely benefit from our outsourced PPC campaign management.

If your PPC campaigns aren’t set up strategically per your industry benchmarking, you could be paying a lot more than your competitors.
In order to get the best return on your investment, it's important to stay ahead of the game with in-depth strategies, tools and techniques. If your PPC campaigns are not optimized regularly, you could be missing out on business and wasting your hard earned money.


Benefits of Outsourcing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management with Salesmotto

  • Increase conversions
  • Improve your Return-On-Investment
  • Connect with the right customers
  • 100% data security
  • We ensure data integrity
  • We Integrate your PPC strategies with your digital marketing plan

How we work

Stage 1: - Discussion between you and Salesmotto sales team

Stage 2: - We assign a dedicated account manager to manage your Youtube Ads PPC Account

Stage 3: - Assigned Account manager creates your Youtube Ads account and also drafts campaign strategies. After completing draft campaigns, Account manager submits it to Salesmotto management team for review. Once reviewed and finalized, final draft campaigns will be discussed with you for your review and approval.

Stage 4: - We use best-in-class tools to discover top keywords suits your product/service needs.

Step 5 : - With the help of our SEM tools, We analyze your top competitors data and finalize the best bid for keywords selected for auction.

Step 6: - Account Manager will create Campaign, Adgroups, Customized Ads and Ad extension. Proper designing of these four are very important in Adwords success. A small mistake here will be a big loss on later stage.

Step 7:- Account Manage will study your target market and choose location and demography accordingly

Step 8: - Our Account manager will benchmark your industry standards and suggest you the best landing page and landing page optimization strategies

Step 9:- We will integrate conversation tracking code with your website

Step 10:- To optimize your account performance, we will perform A/B testing, ads creative testing & Campaign assessment

Step 11:- To keep track of all account activities, we will implement PPC ROI Tracking, perform Conversion Path Analysis, and PPC Weekly & Monthly analysis reports.

Step 12: - Our account manager will also perform your monthly Adword account audit as well as strategies to implement AI digital marketing.

Step 13:-We will give you free consulting on anything you ask about Adwords


Salesmotto Youtube PPC services includes below types of advertisement.

  1. TrueView Ads
  1. Video Discovery Ads (Formerly Named In-Display Ads).
  2. In-Stream Ads.
  1. Non-Skippable YouTube Advertisements
  2. Overlay Advertisements
  3. Cards & Sponsored Cards Ads
  4. Bumpers Ads
  5. Preroll Advertisements


The 6 Types Of YouTube Video Clip Advertisements given by Salesmotto

There are 6 crucial types of video clip advertisements in which you can invest on YouTube: TrueView, Non-Skippable, Overlay, Cards & Sponsored Cards Preroll, and Bumpers.


1. TrueView Ads

TrueView ads are the typical video clip advertisement on YouTube. Advertisers just spend for TrueView advertisements when viewers watch or engage with their advertisement (for instance, by clicking on a call-to-action), as well as video clips can be quickly tailored to share a variety of material and content.

Advertisers just pay when a user watches the advertisement for at the very least 30 secs or till completion of the video or if the audience takes an activity, such as clicking a call-to-action. YouTube requires that skippable TrueView ads be between 12 secs and 6 minutes in size, and that non-skippable TrueView advertisements be 15-20 seconds in duration.

There are 2 sorts of TrueView ads with which you can enhance your YouTube network:


Video Discovery Ads (Formerly Named In-Display Ads).

Video discovery ads appear on the YouTube homepage, search results page pages, and also as related videos on YouTube video clip watch pages.

These ads showed up after carrying out a YouTube search:.

This display advertisement appears as an associated video on the right-hand video sidebar:.

Once a user clicks on the ad, the destination video page features a spot on the right-hand column where a companion banner display ad will appear.


In-Stream Ads.

TrueView in-stream ads play prior to a person watches the video clip they've clicked on YouTube. Viewers sometimes have the choice to skip the advertisement after viewing it for 5 seconds. You can likewise make them play throughout the Google Present Network (GDN)-- or sites that bought Google video clip advertisement area.

In-stream ads allow marketing professionals personalize video clip advertisements with various CTAs and overlay text.


2. Non-Skippable YouTube Advertisements

Non-skippable YouTube ads are paid for on a CPM basis. These longer ads are a powerful method to inform a deeper, extra nuanced tale. Yet as superheroes will inform you, "great power comes at an expense." The expense? Individuals getting frustrated and closing your ad.

It's obvious that non-skippable ads are somewhat out of favor. They can be invasive, as well as a lot of customers want they weren't there in any way.


3. Overlay Advertisements

If you're running an appointment sponsorship project, you can set up overlay ads on partner videos. YouTube overlay ads are banner promotions that you'll frequently see leaving the bottom of a video clip. They can be simple text ads, or image-based banners .


4. Cards & Sponsored Cards

Cards are little CTA pop-ups you can ready to appear within the YouTube player. You can utilize them to include interactivity to your video clips on desktop computer or mobile.

Cards are effective due to the fact that they're inconspicuous. They only expand to their full dimension when they're clicked (i.e., when the audience is interested).


5. Preroll Advertisements.

Some in-stream ads are non-skippable as well as can play previously, mid-roll, or after the main video. These are called Preroll ads, and also they can be 15 to 20 seconds in duration.


What Preroll Videos Can Include.

Preroll ads provide you just as much flexibility as TrueView ads in their assigned web content. You can consist of people, dialogue, sound, as well as extra elements that can  best represent your brand in 15 to 20 seconds.

Because preroll advertisements can't be avoided, these video clips are best developed with a call-to-action (CTA) so you can maximize the attention you do have from the viewer. In other words, urge visitors to click on your ad and obtain something in return.

Remember YouTube offers Preroll video space on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. Make the click worth it.


6. Bumpers.

Bumpers are the 3rd and fastest type of YouTube video advertisement readily available to you. At just six seconds per bumper, these ad spots play before a viewer's chosen video clip.

Bumper video clip advertisements certainly cannot tell a good-enough tale in just 6 secs, but they make excellent complements to larger video clip campaigns on a new product launch or occasion.


The Future of Video Clip is Bright.

We have actually informed you before: Video content is an essential component of your content method. This is also more accurate since YouTube lets businesses to target individuals based upon their search histories. YouTube advertising and marketing is a lot more targeted than ever before, as well as it's less competitive real estate than the world of Google Search because video content is newer to the content scene and also much less prominent than blog posts.

Why Salesmotto

Dedicated Account Manager


Creative Process with Guaranteed Results


Highly Competitive Costing


Excellent 24X7 Customer Support & Performance Tracking for better Productivity 


Strategies tailored around your business needs 


Hit the bulls` eye with focused targeting


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed





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